Monday, December 05, 2005

Experience: PodThology

Here is the finished product, in all its glory!
Subscribe with the links below or download the .zip file to listen!

PodThology* / iTunes RSS* / RSS link* / Non-iPod users (.zip file)

*enhanced chaptered PodGuide that will only work with iTunes. Enjoy!

Download the map!

Stay Classy, Internet

Friday, December 02, 2005

PodThology COMPLETE! Almost...

The research was interesting, writing the script was cool, recording the experience was awesome, and now it has allcome together. The actual raw audio files and supplemental materials are complete for the PodThology. The only thing left to do is to deliver and execute this thing! As soon as the .mp3 and .m4u files are up and ready for download, I will blog a link.

Till then, check out the PodThology Report

Stay Classy, Internet.

It is a really good thing...

this is not a blogging course...because I would have failed a long time ago. You see, that is the one little problem with blogs, you have to update them. A blog is only a good as its most recent post. Otherwise it is not a blog, it is just an archive of ideas. I am a horrible blogger, and admit this. Oh well.

Stay Classy, Internet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We aren't the only ones...

I thought this was cool, especially since it is very similar to the mobile media showcase idea that we are doing...

CellFlix Festival

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The SLAM is coming...

The New Media Institute Holiday Slam is coming (December 10) and we need to get ready. Not only are the projects going to be shown off, but we are doing a mobile media showcase with filmmakers. I have been assigned to the "DIVERSITY" arm of this operation and was able to track down three relevant articles on this topic. You can download them here --> Diversity

Aside from that, the PodThology is coming along nicely... the template for the map is done and now all I have to do it the recording and editing, the hard part. Check out the template below.

Things are moving right along!
Stay Classy, Internet.